Sunday, September 9, 2012

Totally Turban

Intended as a symbol of spiritual devotion and modesty, the turban has become a design springboard for women’s fashion. A visit to—a website devoted to original hand-crafted items—and it’s easy to see more than 1,000 turbans, turban headbands, hand-knitted head scarves, turban twist-knot hats. There are 1960’s hot pink velvet turbans, vintage faux fur turban hats, turn twist-knot headbands forworking out, full head cover knitted turbans for chemo-treatment patients, and flirty, lacy turban hats for going out. Technically, a turban is a kind of headwear based on a cloth winding; there are many variations. A cool demonstration video shows how to tie a man’s Sikh turban. Styles vary according to the region of the world and religions. There are Kurdish, Afghan, Indian, and Greek turbans. There are also variations found in Western countries. In religion, turbans are worn by followers of Islam, Sikh, Rastafari, and Jewish faiths. Turbans have been worn for thousands of years. A style of turban called a phakeolis dates back to the soldiers of the Byzantine army.

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