Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Doorman's Diary 9.15.12

The weather is pleasant, so the door is open. I stand on the front step and enjoy body temperature breezes. I see a bicycle rickshaw slowly making its way up the inclining street that runs past the jazz club. As the rickshaw taxi makes it's way past, I notice three young women in the seat with two guys sitting on their laps. The driver is hauling five of them easily--some strong legs. A middle-aged man comes to the door and asks if  there is dancing in the club, "My wife and I like to dance." I tell him that we're not a dance club per se, but that dancing couples seem to make do with open corners in the room... and "we welcome it, so come in." I move a small table just beyond the entranceway for dance space. They dance closely, eyes shut, with blissful smiles. I'm happy to see them happy. A pleasant night. 

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