Sunday, May 25, 2008

Caroline's Jazz Club

Nursing a Jameson hangover this morning. I love Milwaukee. Left last night with $60; came home with $40 (that's after three whiskeys and tips for my favorite bartender, Scotty). Went to Caroline's Jazz Club (401 S. 2nd St., Milwaukee) and saw The Paul Spencer Band with special guest Manty Ellis, the jazz guitar legend and epitome of "one cool cat." An incredible jazz vocalist, who had been sitting next to me at the bar, dropped in for a couple of songs. In addition to Paul on drums, three regular band members were there: Sam Kidd, bass; Jim Sodke, keyboards; and the incredible young kid, Andy Spadafora on baritone sax. They played for over two hours before taking a break. The crowd thinned to a handful of us who in the wee hours were treated to the most incredible solo trade off between the accomplished Manty, who has played with the best jazz musicians in the past 40+ years, and the recently-named best saxophone player in the state, Andy.  The cool old master and the wailing young buck. Incredible.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


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