Saturday, June 6, 2015

Life is a kaleidoscope. Finished doormaning the jazz club when today was an hour old. Went through the all-nite gyro drive-thru … Greek burger, feta and black olives. Tipped the Mexican worker, $2 bill. Washed burger down with Jameson in my roly-poly Irish crystal. Tipsy. Slept ‘till nine a.m. phone call. Ross the roofer son needs car. Boss roofer needs help so Ross needs car. Car needs gas. Car needs new windshield from highway stone spider web crack—souvenir from yesterday. Get gas and Gatorade the color of window wash fluid. I need coffee. Favorite smart theater-seamstress waitress back from a month in Japan. Daddy had research project, mommy is from there—explains her exotic Jewish-Oriental cuteness. She asks what my plans are for today? “I’m paralyzed…too many options…Bay View Jazz Fest, great music at Pride Fest, Brady Street Art Walk, big screen showing of Preakness Stakes horse race at Potawatomi Casino, Highland Games Scottish festival, Greek Festival at Saints Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church, a reading / book signing of friend’s book on race relations at a library branch, and my all-time favorite activity…doing laundry.” She said, “Add the first Milwaukee Paranormal Conference to the list—I’m going after work.” If younger, I’d assume she ended her ‘I’m going after work’ with a dot-dot-dot ellipse. Instead, I walked out into the sunglass day.