Thursday, March 8, 2012

Shagadelic Art Daddy-o

The American artist Josh Agle aka “Shag” (nickname fashioned from the last two letters of his first name and first two letters of his last) creates mod artwork. I encountered his artwork, which was displayed on a napkin, which I received along with a small slice of chocolate cake while minding my own business sitting in a jazz bar (unfortunately the woman generously handing me the cake didn’t look like any of the torpedo-breasted characters Shag creates). I immediately pocketed the napkin because the artwork looks odd, interesting, and retro-pop-artish. After doing some Google research, I learned that Shag made the napkin art and that he has quite a following among those seeking an updated twist on “1960’s style” artwork. His artwork, which often includes tiki themes, can include a dark edge… sort of George Jetson with a smirk. The problem with smirks is that they are often so ambiguous that I generally miss their intent. But in the case of Agle’s art, the smirk rescues his work from being pedestrian. So, if you want to be hep to this hipster, visit the UK-based website,, which has a three-page interview with Shag about art, design, scooters, music, film, junk shops, and a potpourri of other mod topics. If you visit the Shagmart website, you can purchase art prints, tiki glasses, stationery sets, or a book of his artwork that could look keen on your Heywood Wakefield boomerang coffee table.

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