Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Doorman’s Diary: 3.3-4.12

Mother Nature had shut us down last night. Slushy mashed-potato snow had slowed the city. I arrived at the club and was discussing with the bartender how the streets were empty. I was thinking of a customer from several weeks ago who had arrived on a similarly snowy night and said: “To me, jazz is winter music… I love listening to jazz when the weather is like this!” I thought of her and how disappointed she’ll be to find us closed. Yep, we closed down about the time the quartet would be digging into its first song. So, tonight I anticipated an overflow crowd due to pent-up jazz needs, as well as the regular Saturday night crowd. The early crowd was young – all under 30. Among the twenty-somethings filling the club, there was a young couple that sat at the bar near my station at the door that were Disney Channel cute. Both with chocolate-brown hair, clear skin, proportioned features, they were a matched set. While watching the bartender joke and tease them as part of his tending style, it became apparent that they were not a couple yet. It could have very well been their first or second date. They looked like such a perfect match that I almost said, “As The Doorman, I know things that most don’t. I recommend that you start researching preschools and cultivating a knowledge of good wine – start with French reds, maybe limit yourself to the Provence region.” They’d be denying the natural order if they didn’t become a steady couple that would evolve into a long-term relationship. In the swirl of a Dexter Gordon song, their future became imminently apparent to me.

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