Saturday, March 24, 2012

Doorman's Diary 3.23.12

A guitar jazz trio tonight. They created such a mellow vibe, which was appreciated by the crowd. There was an irritating woman seated at the bar when I first circulated to collect the $5 cover. As with all early arrivals, I asked if she was staying for the music before requesting the cover. She said she was, so I asked. She huffed (and that's the best word for her faux indignation)… said I was rude for asking. I was about to explain the fundamental economics of a jazz club: music performed live by professional musicians = costs, ergo money collected at the door helps offset costs, but she'd have nothing to do with it and announced that she'll leave before the music starts. Good riddance, I thought and tried not to let her color my attitude for the night. The music was wonderful with each of the trio adding their unique flare to the songs. A surprising twist was a jazzed version of several James Brown tunes that was helped by tastefully placed R&B toots from a stand-in tenor who had been in the club. At the band's request, he had retrieved his sax from the trunk of his car and was able to sit in on a few songs. An absolute highlight was when the bass player laid down the defining beat. The tenor man smiled as they eased into Grover Washington's Mr. Magic. This is the signature song for the sax player so you could see him controlling the impulse to break free into an auditorium-size rampage. His strength was evident as he and the jazz guitarist exchanged new colors that filled the club with confident urban urbanity. It was incredible.

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