Monday, July 30, 2012

The Doorman’s Diary: 7.28.12

When they walked into the jazz club it was clear. Summer had walked in. Summer was in the form of a black couple dressed in white. The woman wore a white pants suit with white-frame glasses. The man with white suit, white collar-less shirt, and white brim hat. Even his beard was frosted in white. They were cool. When Mr. & Ms. Summer were seated they got to enjoy a dynamic trio—jazz guitar, electric bass, and drums. The jazz guitarist alternated between angry-hornet, superfast playing and intricate fingered rhythms. I greeted two other couples of note beside the epitome of summer couple. There was a couple decked out in black leather that hopped off their Harley and a cute couple with three young kids out celebrating their 12th wedding anniversary. There was also a lone wolf who sat at the bar writing in his notebook (different from the notebook-man who is a regular) and a tall, slender cute wolfette who grabbed a table and enjoyed a couple hours of jazz.

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