Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Doorman’s Diary: 7.13.12

Tonight, the vocalist-piano duet includes two other musicians—drummer and bassist—making them a singer backed up by a jazz trio. It was a necessary transformation from piano lounge act to jazz club performers. The fuller sound makes a difference. With the trio behind her, the singer’s versions of Billie Holliday’s God Bless the Child and Peggy Lee’s You Give Me Fever were over the top. A couple of fun middle-aged women came back tonight. They had been to the club a few months ago and with a little prompting I remembered them. They said they’re working on a book together addressing the issue  of when it’s appropriate to hit or spank a child. “Never, right…,” I asked? “Talk, rather than hit, right?” I was surprised to hear them say that hitting a child can be appropriate. They said that in their African American community there’s too much lack of discipline. “But you can discipline without whacking, right?” As I say, I was surprised and decided it was best to talk about the heat-breaking cooler weather. The vocalist’s husband joined her on stage and they did their unforgettable version of Nat King Cole’s Unforgettable. Hearts swooned. Then the singer and her trio let loose with Dr. Feelgood and it was as though she were leading a revival prayer meeting with her exaggerated voice and movements beckoning the audience. She moaned that when her and her man get to lovin’ they don’t have no time to sit and chat and sit and chit-chat… not when she’s got Dr. Feelgood… The child spankers and everyone else were standing and waving their arms and yelling “that’s right… you tell us, girl!” She, and her trio, made us all feel good… oh yeahhhhh.

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