Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Doorman’s Diary: 1.6-7.12

As we enter a new year, The Doorman has a renewed resolve to ensure the jazz club patrons are welcomed into the sacred space of jazz. There is magic in the performance and the music that more need to experience. Yet, I feel a responsibility as The Doorman to usher in the true believers and bar the obstinate. In the past, I believed in conversions… thinking if the reluctant would enter and experience a few songs that they would receive the holy beam of jazz belief. No more. The conversion rate is so small compared to the disruption of the mellow aura created in the club. My approach will be: “It’s a five dollar cover and if that’s not agreeable to you, I need to ask you to please step outside, since there are strict fire code regulations about keeping the entranceway clear.”  Fortunately tonight, with the large crowd we had, there were no issues requiring my new vigor in doormanship. The crowd was terrific and brought a smile to my stoic phiz as I appreciated the power of jazz as an ethnic melting pot. In our nearly full club, we had a delightful mix of black, white, brown, and yellow…all seated within arm’s reach of each other. Our act tonight is a powerful female jazz singer accompanied by a legendary piano player. There were only a few songs they performed that begged for a bass or percussion to fill in apparent holes. On one memorable song, the singer’s brother jumped on stage and played his tenor. The reaction of the crowd showed that the saxman could have played more than one song with them. The club is clearly acoustically suited for horns. This is a great start to a new year.

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