Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Doorman’s Diary: 1.13-14.12

As I entered the club tonight, I heard the Al Kooper, Mike Bloomfield, Stephen Stills 1968 recording, Super Session, playing on the sound system. Tonight would be a blues night. As the blues band was setting things up, I talked with the guitarist who made the universal pointing-to-the-sky sign to indicate the music playing. “I love this album and listened to it all through college until a roommate traded it for a pizza… the f**ker.” I commiserated, since Super Session is one of my desert island picks (you’re stranded on a desert island for the rest of your life and can have only five albums).  He went on to say, “I’m Jewish, so I really like Bloomfield since there aren’t many Jewish blues guitarists.” In addition to the Jewish guitar player (who sounded every bit as good as his hero, Mike Bloomfield), there was the band leader on drums, a Bigfoot-size bass player with a huge-ass (note: official technical term) 5-string electric bass, a wild and dramatically-energetic synthesizer keyboarder, and a piano keyboard player wearing a white shirt with a pattern of multi-color dollar signs screen-printed on it. We had a nice crowd that filled the club and included an ADD-hyper woman who when she wasn’t eating her boyfriend’s face would jump up and dance. I tried not to look at her because if my head was oriented anywhere in her direction, she would lock eyes and dance in front of me. I don’t know if she wanted me to dance with her or what – I am The Doorman, I do not dance. The madness peaked when the band did its blues version of the Stones’ Miss You and she with her anorexic skinny body and blues-beaten face did her best interpretation of Mick Jagger. With eyes squinted I could claim to say Mick was in our club.

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