Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Doorman’s Diary: 10.14-15.11

An unbreakable, kryptonite-strength benefit of being The Doorman at the jazz club is that I get to meet people… well….. sort of. Mostly it's a meet-and-greet “welecome-to-the-club-there’s-a-five-dollar-cover,” but sometimes there’s more. Try as I may to maintain a hard, all-business demeanor, there are those for which I have a WELCOME-mat face. They see right through The Doorman façade and can tell I am actually a trustworthy, nice guy. In some, just looking them in the eyes and asking for the cover becomes a key that opens up an entire speed-dating-style summary of what’s on their mind and who they are. Or there is always someone in a jazz night where I think – “they’ve got a story to tell and I want to hear it.” Countless intriguing people with life stories pass through me at the door, spend time, and leave without being asked and attentively heard. Remember, I am The Doorman, so it can be seen as intrusive and inappropriate if I start doing the whole Studs Terkel interview—tempted as I am. But sometimes interactions occur organically. Tonight there was a couple with intensity in their eyes and plenty of connect-the-dot awareness that I made a point of learning who they are.  From what I could glean, they've created a community space for creative ventures and entrepreneurial start-ups. Very intriguing. I was just learning about their organization and the interesting things they’re doing when just like an enjoyable dream, reality entered. “Hey, Jeff,” the jazz club owner said from behind the bar. “The door!”  

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