Monday, October 3, 2011

The Doorman’s Diary: 10.1-2.11

The night started early. A delightful middle-age couple arrived while I was enjoying a pre-night’s coffee with the bartender. They came to the jazz club to celebrate their one-year anniversary. He’s an early 50’s city bus driver and his bride is in her mid 30’s—both jazz lovers. Then a group of seven arrived which included an attractive young couple. The young woman was wearing a dramatic royal-wedding style hat and her partner wore a Colonel Sanders style tie and a cream and brown fedora. I was asked if there was space to dance while I watched the hatted couple survey the space where the horn players stand. I said we’re not a dance club but that sometimes people will dance in back or on the side. The dramatic couple and their crew were clearly hoping to take control of some space to ply their talents. The trumpet player arrived and staked his claim, planting his music stand right in the middle of their imagined ballroom floor. The rest of the musicians showed up and the music kicked in. We were a good two or three songs into the night when the couple commenced dancing on the opposite side of the room from the horn section. The club’s cocktail tables are arranged on the floor in front of the band stage, so space is limited. The dancing couple quite sensuously engaged in their dips, grinds, and connect-releases. The young lady’s lithe form and asset became apparent through her moves. It was clear that they required a grander stage for their ballroom dancing exhibition, when a large jazz patron popped their illusion of fluid foreplay as she squeezed past them on her way to the Ladies Room. After the song had climaxed and the dance repertoire had ended, the couple politely listened to another song from the jazz quintet before leading their entourage out the door in search of a more appropriate venue for their breath-taking performance. 

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