Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Future Writing Studio

A dream of mine is to have a hideaway writing-studio that’s discreetly tucked in the corner of the city. It could be in the back pocket of an industrial lot, sandwiched between buildings, or on a weedy, trash-strewn vacant tract. Architecturally simple, box-like, and nondescript on the outside with sturdy comfort on the interior. Hardwood floor, desk, lounge chair with reading lamp, sink/toilet, and heat/AC. I think I found my source. M Finity, based in Jonesboro, Ill., constructs modular 8ft by 12ft living units. Their microSYSTEM approach is to provide low-cost, eco-friendly structures with the option to customize to fit the owner’s needs. As they say, “The efficient layout of the buildings provides maximum usability and flexibility with minimal material and energy consumption as well as site disturbance.” Beautiful! That’s what I want.

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