Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Doorman’s Diary: 2.11-12.11

At first I though it was an anomaly. Just a typical oddity with no apparent pattern to substantiate it. Then last weekend, I saw two powerful examples. “Had there been other examples in the past?” As the doorman, I look for patterns. I verified my observance with the bartender and tonight it happened again. There is a pair of stools at the bar that, when occupied by a man and a woman who are on a date, results in PDA (public display of affection). The stools are in the middle of the backside of the bar facing the band. The location in the universe combining with the male-female ying-yang creates a Vortex of Love. Last weekend, two couples in succession sat in the Vortex and in short time were in full lip lock. Mind you, when they entered the jazz club there was no indication that they’d revert to panting and pawing high schoolers. So, tonight my radar was up. A couple sat down at the bar, the woman on the guy’s right—just like last week. They sat a couple of stools off from the Vortex of Love so I waited to see if PDA would occur. They got close, but nope. I signaled the bartender over and said, “Move their drinks down to the Vortex of Love and tell them you’re giving them the best seats in the house before someone grabs them.” He was mulling over my behavioral-engineering plan when a new couple entered the club and meandered over and sat in the Vortex of Love. “Excellent,” I thought. The dark-haired beauty sat on his right—proper positions. While they ordered drinks and settled in, I enjoyed the jazz trio. I glanced over periodically to see if there was progress. The group was into their version of “Moanin’,” an Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers song written by their pianist, Bobby Timmons, when I saw the magic of the Vortex in action. The black hair woman had removed her jacket exposing her shoulders and arms and was standing in full body contact with her willing mate while stroking his nape. Bingo!

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