Monday, November 12, 2012

The Doorman's Diary 11.9.12

A friendly couple gleefully brandishing my business card saying, "See, we're back!" My business card is simple. It has info for the jazz club and my name: Jeff the Doorman. Additional information about me is irrelevant. In talking with them, I learn that he's been a Lutheran pastor for 20-some years and is looking forward to his first three-month sabbatical after the new year. I commented that he's perfect for his profession: upbeat, friendly, and appears to have an eternally positive attitude. I've noticed in my limited interactions with him that he doesn't seem to possess any holier-than-thou attitude. He would be perfect to sit next to another couple I met, who I tried to take a photo of for the club's Facebook page. They are a loving, happy couple, perfect for posting. When I asked about taking the shot, the woman says with a seductive purr, "I'm married, but not to him." The pastor,  I"m sure, would accept them with a "what happens in the jazz club, stays in the jazz club" benevolence. I could be dead wrong, but I just don't detect a cross-bearing, smote-you-to-fornicating-hell attitude. I love the jazz club and the people who come here. 

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