Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Doorman's Diary 8.24.12

I've noticed it on other nights and simply labeled it a sign of the times. Last night I extrapolated. We will see the demise of purse snatchers and pick pockets. Better policing? Improved morals? No, no. The Debit Card Generation. Those in their 20's and early 30's don't carry cash. I had three different groups of two or three jazz customers in that age range at the door that hemed and hawed, fumbled around when I asked for the $5 cover. The generally ask for an ATM and then are faux shocked when they learn that we don't have one. Also characteristic is the discrete-transaction thinking pattern. They don't see The Door connected to the Jazz Club. It's the thinking that if they can't pass through the door, there's no option for getting in. Interesting... very interesting. Tonight we have a duet - which is always tough for filling the club. Several parties veered away when they didn't see horns or bass. We are geared for the quartet or quintet, I guess. Traditional jazz. One interesting couple we had, paid the cover with cash -- big cash. The gentleman opened his wallet and fanned through a bunch of $100"s before handing me a Grant. He wasn't doing it to show off, it was clearly his style. I remarked that he's clearly a rebellious spirit - not joining The Debit Card Generation. They laughed an understanding laugh.

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