Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Doorman's Diary 5.25.12

The jazz club looked welcoming tonight. There was the promise of rain in the night air, but promises can be broken. A tall, solid-built blonde towered over me while asking if we give a military discount on the $5 cover. I said, Of course, it’s only five bucks for you. Later I got talking to her and her friend. I asked what branch of the military she serves in? “Spent 16 years in the Army and it’s going on eight years now in the Air Force.” Why switch branches? She said, “I’m getting too old to jump out of airplanes.” I looked puzzled, because I am. “Jumping is the only way to get personnel in areas where they need to be. With the Air Force, we land the plane and walk off.” Where have you been deployed, I asked? “I just finished a year going all over the world.” Like where? “All the places you see on CNN.” So, Special Ops…? She looked surprised by the question but then answered, “You know the drill… if I tell you…” About then, the band was between songs and the band leader says into his mike, “Look, there’s The Doorman busy talking to a couple of beautiful women… hey you know he’s married and has about 35 kids.” Not missing a beat, my Amazon warrior turned to him and yelled, “So, one more won’t be a big deal then.”

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