Monday, April 9, 2012

The Doorman’s Diary: 4.7.12

I arrived early anticipating a healthy size crowd. There was a dozen or so jazz patrons spread around the club. I chatted with the bartender a bit before circulating among them to collect the cover charges. One gentleman had a stack of glossy, ad-postcards in his hand and told me he was waiting for the club owner to arrive and then described a theatrical show that his daughter created. The cards were for her show. He described a number of her other creative accomplishments and big names she has worked with. Her dad is clearly proud of her and is her No. 1 fan. Being a student of the effects of birth order on an individual’s drive and success, I asked where his daughter fits. He said: “She’s our second and now only child – her older sister was recently murdered just two days before the opening of a play she had written.” What an incredible tragedy. I told him that and offered my condolences. I felt bad having to leave him there staring at this sorrowful jack-in-the-box I had inadvertently sprung open. I moved on and sincerely wished that he may have that possibility some day. A couple I know entered and I tried to wave them in without paying, but my friend would have nothing to do with it, saying, “The music is great and we want to support it.”  As the band kicked into a Dexter Gordon piece, I thought this will be a good night.

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