Monday, February 27, 2012

Novel/CD - A Royal Accomplishment

Jeannette Louise Kantzalis aka A Brokeheart Pro (see my June 11, 2010 entry) has written a novel and recorded a music CD, both titled Josephine The Outlaw King. Both the book and the singer/songwriter’s album are supported by a couple of videos. Clearly, Kantzalis is a woman of substance… multi-faceted, multi-talented. She clearly is a bundle of creative energy, which should be applauded and supported. The book is available on Kindle and MP3 downloads are available for the album, but for me it felt like a stronger pat on the back to buy the hardcover and the CD (in reality, it doesn’t matter). Kantzalis deserves the yip-holler-applause for her incredible accomplishment thus far. I can see the graphic novel version, a movie, and a sequel, but even if she slammed on the brakes and stopped here… what Kantzalis has accomplished is pretty amazing. It's also pretty cool that she wrote the novel, songs for the album, recorded the tracks in her spare bedroom home studio while being a mom of two young boys. Being married with children can be chaotic, so her accomplishments are extraordinary. Hail the King... Josephine / A Brokeheart Pro / Jeannette!

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