Monday, November 21, 2011

Best Bird Artist

As far as wildlife bird art goes, most will gravitate to Audubon, Owen Gromme, or even the national duck stamp artists. Not me. My favorite bird artist is Tom Stack, who ably captures the complex nature of birds with his clean and simple, but powerful art. His original acrylic on plywood paintings are designed to survive the test of time. Stack also creates art posters, gig posters, handbills, album art, and his signature “An Impending Doom” image is available on a t-shirt. In addition to seagulls, wrens, pigeons and other birds. Stack also captures the expressive nature of worms and grubs. Degreed in electrical engineering, Stack got sidetracked from using his EE when listening to the artistic voice in his head and picking up a paintbrush. Fortunate for us. Stack’s art makes me smile and gives me a bit of a warm glow in my belly, not unlike eating a good taco or staring into the yearnful eyes of an alpaca. 

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