Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Doorman’s Diary: 9.16-17.11

We were anticipating an additional 30 tonight… a birthday celebration, so The Doorman was at the club early in anticipation. With my silk tie knot tight, I  was ready when our first customer arrived 15 minutes later--a solitary, blue-eyed young woman who was meeting a couple of friends. Being her first time at the club she oohed and aahed over all the features that make the place welcoming. Her friends—a couple—arrived and the woman told me, after admiring my professional demeanor, that I look like a French actor she named but I didn’t recognize. I wryly remarked that he’s lucky to be blessed with good looks. She nodded in agreement. The birthday celebrators filtered in around the regular time, so my premature arrival was for naught. Oh well. The birthday honoree arrived looking young, fresh and not a day over 25. She announced it’s her 31st birthday but is celebrating her 30th since last year she was pregnant and couldn’t enjoy a party. She was delightful, as were her parents who brought the birthday cake, and all of her friends. The bandleader mispronounced her Hispanic name a couple of times during the evening. In good spirit she said to him in front of the crowd, “If you pronounce my name with an O at the end, here’s who you’re calling and if you pronounce it with an A this is who will respond, but if you pronounce it with the C’s sounding like S’s you’ll be calling me correctly.” The bandleader responded, “Hell, your name rhymes with sexy, so I’ll just call you Sexy.” The three dark-haired beauties laughed and went back to the party.

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