Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Doorman’s Diary: 8.6-7.11

Tonight’s quartet has a different sound from the previous night. Both have keyboard, bass, drums, and sax. Tonight’s group has a wonderful jazz singer whose honey voice soothed the large crowd we had. We had the flow from the all-day outdoor jazz festival held in the nearby warehouse district. Jazz fans from the Summer Sizzle Jazz Festival filled the club. The crowd was pleasantly happy but was more of a festival crowd. It’s a sense… just a sense that I, as The Doorman, have about many of those who filled the club. It’s a feeling that the club was just an extension of their day of jazz. It’s as though we were just another stage at the festival. It’s too bad, since they all seem to have enjoyed themselves. In fact, many said as they were leaving, “We enjoyed ourselves – this is a great club.” Unfortunately, they will likely be like the acquaintance who you’ll never see again, even though they sound passionately sincere when they say, “Let’s get together soon – I’ll call you!” One jazz fan I hope to see again, was a massive man who sat at the bar drinking lite beer and appeared to be enjoying the music. I envision him coming another day dressed in a wide-strip suit, black fedora, and with an intense, Miles Davis look in his eyes beneath jet-black asphalt sunglasses. He will order, “Scotch, neat.” He could pull it off.

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