Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Doorman’s Diary: 7.15-16.11

The jazz club is the home for traditional jazz so this night was not typical. We had a jazz fusion group that mixed elements of free jazz, R&B, and psychedelia. The band featured electric guitar, electric bass, organ synthesizer, and drums. Their following was apparent since they were responsible for the majority of the 60-some customers filling the club. Some of the fans were borderline glaze-eyed and nearly all were white and had a deliberately hip appearance with their fashion fusion of expensive organic cotton, thrift shop finds, and odd accessories. One fan insisted on documenting the band with her long-lens Nikon. Her photos will no doubt appear in a gallery located in some hip, rathskeller bar-gallery. To the band’s credit, most of the songs were original compositions, which featured the best of fusion’s ability to display complex time signatures and surprising other-wordly sounds. Rhythms were maintained by a gifted drummer who wasn’t afraid to tap out beats on the rims and use underhand splashes of his King-Kong cymbals. Die-hard fans remained until the last notes. The Doorman had long folded up the sidewalk, shooing away two smoking blondes--one late summer age, the other spring--who clearly had found common ground in their blondeness and smoking habit for a friendly chat, and brought in the LIVE JAZZ & BLUES sandwich board sign, well before the last synthesized note was heard.

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