Monday, July 6, 2009

Home Escape

As economic implosion continues, and savings, value and security shrink to the miniscule, it gets one thinking about the basics: food, water, and shelter. Let’s assume the worse – with the worse, quite frankly, appearing to be inevitable. The repo man (or woman) has knocked down the front door more than once and you’ve dumped nearly everything of value on Craig’s List, eBay, and the neighborhood rummage sale. And it’s clear that the 24% interest rate credit card company is sending a crowbar wielding Louie to “teach youse a lesson.” You gotta run. Airlines and staying at the Motel 6 will leave a trail too visible for comfort. Hitch hiking is too dangerous. It’s clear. The only option is to hop into a mobile home and flea to a remote corner of civilization (until the cops push you off to another hidden spot). Thankfully, Steve (no last name provided – hmmmmm, I wonder why) at WebUrbanist has expertly assembled a round up of escape-minded futuristic mobile homes. My favorites include the Slovakian-created eco-capsule, the Tumbleweed tiny log home, and the oversized M&M-shaped Capsule Caravan.


  1. Fascinating design concepts. Take it from the Europeans to come up with tidy, space-saving solutions that also look chic, not cheap/cheesey!

    I always thought the way the cruiselines designed their cabins (fitting as many as possible on one ship) was neat, functional, space-efficient (the bed, I think folded into the wall and the upper bunk stuck back up to the ceiling) but attractive.

  2. Thanks Florence -- you're dead on with your comments!