Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Dear Al Kooper:

Hi there. I'm in a cool coffee shop in Milwaukee listening to your album Black Coffee. You'd like it here. You may remember me from when you came to Milwaukee and played at a dive called Humpin' Hannah's. I think it was 1971 or '72 and you played two nights in a row. Remember? I was one of the guys sitting cross-legged on the floor in front of you. The first night I was there with my girlfriend who had long brown hair. The second night I was alone because she said, We've already seen him. He'll probably play the same songs again. What's the point? She was a bit of a nihilist, so there was no point in arguing -- no point at all. The reason I was alone the second night -- just so you know -- is my friends were all stupid. I'd say, Al Kooper is in town, do you want to go see him with me? And they'd say, Oh Alice Cooper, that might be weird. And I'd have to say, No, Al Kooper, you know...Super Session. And then they'd say, Oh yeah, that dumb album you keep playing over and over. Yep, I stand Alone, too. Well, as you remember, I was alone the second night because, as I said, my friends were all stupid at the time. So, anyway, I'm just writing to say "hi" and hoping all is well with you. Hey, if you're ever in Milwaukee, let me know and we can meet for a cup of coffee. For now, I'll listen to your album on my iPod and enjoy this cup of black coffee in your honor.

All the best,

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