Saturday, August 16, 2008

Peatbog Faeries: A Celtic fusion band

It’s hard to stand out when you’re a Celtic music band playing at a festival that draws the best from Ireland, Scotland, Nova Scotia and elsewhere, but the Scotish band, Peatbog Faeries, did just that at the Milwaukee Irish Fest, the world’s largest celebration of Irish music and culture. A fusion of Celtic, rock and intelligent electronica, this eight-member band blew everyone away. Bagpipes, electric guitar, sax, trumpet, fiddle, drums, electric bass and synthesizer. They sound like trad-Celtic music meets Moby and Pink Floyd. Or it’s like eating haggis prepared Szechwan style by a crazed, but brilliant Zen-leaning, Latin American habanero-loving chef. You hear it and can’t quite believe that all these disparate sounds can blend together so beautifully… and so powerfully. Their high octane, unpredictable, driving beat got everyone standing with fists punching the sky and heads bobbing atop gyrating bodies. Peatbog Faeries, direct from the Isle of Skye, are splendidly unique.

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