Friday, June 6, 2008

Amazing Portrait Paintings

I spotted Jennifer Sandquist's amazing paintings on Her portraits are flirty, sensuous and captivating. They kept drawing me back to her site and tickling my imagination with the idea of somehow incorporating my sensuous haiku with her paintings . . . maybe collaborating on a joint show where pictures and words can play off each other. Haven't quite figured out how this might work, but in the meantime I convinced Jen to bring a hefty collection of her paintings from Minneapolis to the Historic Third Ward Starbucks where they now hang. Her show is there through the month of June. I selfishly have the opportunity to see Jen's work off the computer screen and hopefully she'll sell a handful or more of her wonderful pieces. Jennifer describes herself as a self-taught acrylics artist who views her paintings as "permanent reminders of stolen moments."

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